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Parking Lot Rules

Image of a parking lot

Please remember to learn and follow the established procedure for our parking lot.

Morning Drop Off:  Along yellow curb PLEASE pull forward as far as you can and then drop off your child.  This leaves room for others to enter the parking lot. Kindergarten students can walk back to their gate.

Afternoon Pick-up:  Don't be in a hurry, remain in your car and a staff member will get your child. Use the placard we provide to help us quickly determine who you are picking up.

The outer lane is for looking for parking only. Please do not use this lane to cut in front of others or expect to have your child brought to you. 

All cars must STOP for students using the crosswalk in the school parking lot. Please be alert for students waiting to cross. All students coming to school MUST use the crosswalk system provided.

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