ASES (After School Program)

Time of operation: 1:15pm - 6pm 

Attendance Requirement: Students are required to attend the academic hour of the program (1st hour)

Late Pick-up: Students need to get picked up no later than 6pm. Three late pickups will result in student getting dismissed from ASES.

Absences: Three unexcused absences, tardies, or excessive excused absences will result in the student being dropped. 

Behavioral Policy

Students must go directly to ASES after school dismissal and follow the rules of both ASES and regular school day. Discipline issues can lead to being suspended or dismissed.

1st Reflection Form: Warning

2nd Reflection Form: 1 day suspension

3rd Reflection Form: 2 day suspension & meeting with coordinator

4th Reflection Form: Dismissal from program