Perfect Attendance Celebrated Monthly!

The following classes excelled with over 95% attendance rate during the August.

AR Yearly Totals

AR Monthly Totals


Last Year : 671,706 Puzzles Solved!

Avg = 3,727 per day

Let's Beat That!

As of 9/8/21 = 66,715 puzzles solved

Current Daily Puzzles Average: 2,647

TUESDAY ST MATH NIGHT - Goal 400 students using ST Math. Random prize draw too!

Classes leading the School in ST Math

Most Puzzles solved this week: Rm 9, Rm 5, Rm 13, Rm 19 WELL DONE!

Caught with a Book

Students are encouraged to always have a book out and if "caught" reading or carrying it they might get a golden ticket to put in the drawing book. This week Kalicia in Room 3 won a $10.00 Target Gift Card.

Cougar Shout Outs!

Look for celebrations posted from teacher shout outs!

AR Points Leaders (25 PT Min)

Leader in each class Minimum 25 pts

(Updated 1/14/21)

4th Room 9 Logan G 105.8

4th Room10 Owen R 137.3

5th Room 11 Terion R 86

5th Room 13 Scarlett R 95.2 pts

6th Room 14 Alexia RM 142.3 School Leader

6th Room 30 NaZyia J 355.6

Brag Tags will be held for you!

St Math Top Student Each Grade

Look for names posted soon!